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At RB THOMAS LIMITED we believe that customer experience is the most important foundation of any business. Whether you are spending a few dollars buying chocolate from a general store or leveraging millions to build your dream home. The quality of the chocolate is important, but the customer service is why you go back and what you tell your friends about. 

We are passionate about delivering a great quality product every time. We make this part simple by only employing people that love the industry, and only working with contractors and designers that are aligned with our values. 

In order for anybody to have a great experience, whether they are at work, in a classroom or on a date, good communication, honesty and being punctual are essential characteristics. We understand through experience, how frustrating it is dealing with companies that are difficult to contact, never turn up when they say they will and while difficult to prove, make you feel like you're not being told all the details. 

This is why we focus our attention on personalising your experience. We absolutely have systems in place for efficiency, but also understand the cold feeling you get when know the reply you have gotten is clearly a generic template. We have our templates too, but if you're not a fan and would rather talk to a team member for a faster more personal response, you can try our chat box or our free phone 0800 RB 2 RENO.  


The New Zealand Certified Builders Association believe in raising the standards of our great industry. They achieve this, by only allowing the best and most trusted tradesmen to become members through their rigorous sign up process. 

They host many seminars and conferences annually, keeping members updated with key changes to legislation and the building code, as well as promoting professionalism in construction companies through their work and processes. 

Members also have the advantage of being able to offer the NZCB exclusive 10 year Halo Guarantee

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What is an LBP and why do I need one?


The evolution of our construction methods over the last few centuries has led to some fantastic looking, intricately designed homes. As these designs have become more intricate, it is essential that builders are not only able to work on the more classic buildings, but that they have knowledge of all types of construction design, materials and practices. 

As construction has become more complicated, it is necessary to restrict certain types of high risk work to ensure the longevity of your home. This restricted building work can therefore only be carried out by Licensed Building Practitioners, who are required to prove their professional knowledge is up to date annually, and who also go on record when completing their work, so that if any issue ever arises in the future, there is a record of who completed what and when. 

If you have a project, but are unsure if it requires an LBP, click the green link above. Alternatively, send us a quick message, and we can help you out.


Wonderful builder whom I've had the pleasure of working with over the years. Really top bloke that keeps his word and goes above and beyond expectations. Really resourceful and experienced in all areas of construction. Would highly recommend Jake and his team any day of the week. The True definition of a Licensed Building Practitioner.

Shaun from Papamoa


Te Kuiti

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