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Our commitment to greatness

As a great company, we generally only like to deal with other great companies. And when it comes to companies to affiliate with, only the best will do. This is why we have chosen to work with New Zealand Certified Builders, not only are they an ambassador for professionalism in the industry, but they also offer some fantastic features for us, for being a member and for you, for choosing one. 


Probably the biggest client benefit is the NZCB members exclusive Halo Guarantee which was put together by industry experts to give you the most protection available while working on your greatest investment. If you want to know more about it click the link, or send us a message.


If you do not feel the need to use the Halo Guarantee, do not stress. Its not mandatory and you are still covered by the minimum 10 year guarantee on workmanship as per the Building act 2004. We are also licensed Building Practitioners, so the local council will have a record of all work undertaken by us on your behalf, as well as us being accountable to the Board of Licensed Building Practitioners and to the appropriate territorial authority under the building consent. 

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