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Our services are predominately focused around improving and repairing existing buildings. whether you're looking to renovate inside your existing walls, or you wish to add a load of completely new ones, we can help. From design and planning, right through to building your dream. Our staff have a combined experience of over twenty years, concentrating mainly on medium to large scale renovation projects. In the very unlikely event that we can't help you, we will definitely be able to recommend a trusted company that can.  If you'd like to know more, contact us now.


We also have a great deal of experience rebuilding leaky homes and damaged buildings. This is a specialist skill set that not many builders are competent to undertake. This ability was honed through two recessions, where new build projects were few and far between. Thankfully the economy has has recovered since then and we now have a whole bunch of lessons and experience to turn the worst disaster of a building into dream real estate. Send us a message if this sounds like you.

New Homes

If improving old buildings isn't your thing, we're also very good at creating brand new ones. Unfortunately at this point in time we don't have any of own plans to choose from, but we do work with several high end architects that can draw anything you can dream. if you already have plans, even better, send us a message to see how we can change your life. 

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