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About Us

RB Thomas Limited is a small Waikato construction company, specializing in custom home renovations and remodels. Together we have a combined experience of over twenty years, pulling houses apart and putting them back together better than could ever have been imagined when originally built. 

Not only are we incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in restoring buildings young and old, but we also absolutely love the work. From initial discussions onsite, to early concepts, to plans and finally champagne at handover, we love making dreams come true. 

After all these years industry leading quality standards come naturally to us, so we concentrate our focus on ensuring you enjoy the process from inception to completion. We value great communication and guaranteed prices to make the often stressful process of renovating, into something you would choose to do weekly if budget allowed. 

The physical work falls to the two man super duo, Max and Jake Thomas. They have worked together for over six years and between them have over twenty years of combined construction knowledge. 

Between them, they have undertaken many intricate and large scale jobs, tackling problems head on and ensuring the work always comes in on time and to budget. A large portion of the work in the early days of the company was for the Ministry of Education and the Waikato Kindergarten Association, so sticking to tight deadlines and budgets became a part of everyday life. A useful skill it was to become in the residential construction market. 


If you hadn't guessed, yes the boys are brothers and in their spare time they still hang out on occasion, hiking, hunting and sharing their second love of authentic charcoal grilling. 

Our third team member is Jakes gorgeous wife Faye Thomas. Faye is the glue holding all the paperwork together. As awesome as the boys are at building anything at all, they are fairly hopeless at anything involving a computer. Faye is in charge of all the important bits that make sure consents get applied for, clients are kept updated and the bills are paid on time. 

Faye enjoys knitting, reading and going on trips with Jake and the kids on those rare days off from the company. Though as any business owner will tell you, you're never really off the clock, even on holiday, there always seems to be something that needs doing. 



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